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Stock Type Cyco Systems Pro/race W/ Degree Marks - 8.50 Lbs

This damper to is to be used on Internally balanced Small block engines. 

This is Cyco System's Pro/Street® Performance products bonded OE-Style crankshaft damper for street performance. This high strength bonded nodular iron crankshaft damper is designed and manufactured to be a bolt on replacement for the original stock damper and is 30% stronger than ordinary gray iron.
Pro/Street crankshaft dampers feature a special high strength bond between the elastomer and the hub and ring... a feature not found in most competitive dampers or even OE dampers. This bonding prevents the outer ring from slipping on the hub.
Pro/Street crankshaft dampers have been spin tested for one hour at 8,000 RPM......far exceeding the standards for OEM stock harmonic dampers.
Pro/Street crankshaft dampers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the strongest OE-style dampers available.

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