SLANT 6 SLD FLT TPT CAM 216/212 - 112°+4° :: HUG-STL1612I6-12

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This cam is designed for a mild cruiser. Engines with a minimum of 8.4:1 compression. Standard transmission or automatic, with stock or slightly higher than stock stall speed. Stock type vacuum. They like quicker ignition advance curves and headers.

For even more performance, ask for a modified spark advance curve that works well with this cam.

Associated Parts:

HUG 1110P
Retainers:     HUG 1256
Locks (2 Rib):   HUG 1305
Locks (4 Rib):   HUG 1306
Lifters:      HUG 5024A
Timing Chain Set:   JPP 5613
Break-in Oil:   JGP 01806

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