SB HYD RLR CAM 242/246 -109ºLSA :: HUG-SER4246AL-9

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Hughes "SteamRoller" Cam

This is a long snout cam. It works fine in the  93-03 Magnum engine but you will need to use our HUG7011 Cam bolt & washer and the HUG7542 cam key (see below in Related Parts).

Hydraulic roller small block camshaft.

Basic guidelines  (These are not absolutes, just guidelines to help you choose a cam)
Use: Very Serious Street or mostly Strip, works well with fully ported aftermarket heads and high flow throttle body/carb, upgraded injectors a/r
Idle: Noticeable
Vacuum: low to mid
Converter: 3400+ stall
Rear gear:  3.55 +
Benefits:520+HP potential at flywheel
Requires a computer upgrade (like a tuner)

Related Parts:

Lifters: Magnum Blocks Standard performance use HUG 5006  High performance use HUG 5007LA Blocks use HUG 5321

Valve Springs: For 1.5 or 1.6 ratio rockers use HUG 1129 Note: Spring base must be machined flat on OEM heads. Both springs must set on the same surface.

Valve Locks:  For 5/16" stem use  HUG 1307B 
                      For 11/32" stem use 
HUG 1302   For 3/8" stem use HUG 1304 for single-groove, HUG 1346 for multi-groove.

Retainers:  For 5/16" stem use HUG 1278

                    For 11/32" stem use HUG 1202    For 3/8" stem use  HUG 1252

Rocker Arm Kits: On Magnum iron heads use HUG 1550 or HUG 1555
On Magnum Edelbrock Heads use 
HUG 1560 or HUG 1555A
                              On LA style heads 1.5 ratio 
HUG 15023  1.6 ratio use HUG 15063

Cam Key: For LA or Magnum engines use    
HUG 7542 

Cam bolt & washerHUG 7011

Timing Chain & Gear Set: 3 key way use HUG 6440 or for a 7 keyway use HUG 6442

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