SB HYD RLR CAM 234/238 -109º LSA :: HUG-SER3438AL-9

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 Hughes "SteamRoller" Cam

This is a long snout cam. It works fine in the  93-03 Magnum engine but you will need to use our HUG7011 Cam bolt & washer and the HUG7542 cam key (see below in Related Parts).

Hydraulic roller small block camshaft.

Basic guidelines  (These are not absolutes, just guidelines to help you choose a cam)
Use: Serious Street or mostly Strip, works well with aftermarket heads and high flow throttle body/carb, upgraded injectors a/r
Idle: Noticeable
Vacuum: low to mid
Converter: 3200+ stall
Rear gear:  3.55 +
Benefits:510+HP potential at flywheel
Requires a computer upgrade (like a tuner)

Related Parts:

Lifters: Magnum Blocks Standard performance use HUG 5006  High performance use HUG 5007LA Blocks use HUG 5321

Valve Springs: For 1.5 or 1.6 ratio rockers use HUG 1129 Note: Spring base must be machined flat on OEM heads. Both springs must set on the same surface.

Valve Locks:    For 5/16" stem use  HUG 1307B
                          For 11/32" stem use HUG 1302   For 3/8" stem use HUG 1304 for single-groove, HUG 1346 for multi-groove.

Retainers:  For 5/16" stem use HUG 1278
                    For 11/32" stem use HUG 1202    For 3/8" stem use  HUG 1252

Rocker Arm Kits: On Magnum iron heads use HUG 1550 or HUG 1555
On Magnum Edelbrock Heads use HUG 1560 or HUG 1555A
                              On LA-style heads 1.5 ratio HUG 15023  For 1.6 ratio HUG 15063

Cam Key: For LA or Magnum engines use    HUG 7542 

Cam bolt & washerHUG 7011

Timing Chain & Gear Set: 3 key way use HUG 6440 or for a 7 keyway use HUG 6442

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