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V8 Plenum Plate with Gaskets, Bolts, Bypass Hose & Gasket Sealer

Fits All 1992-2003 V8 Magnum  (Dodge & Jeep, 5.2L & 5.9L) Engines

This same V8 repair kit is also available with premium Fel-Pro gaskets. If you prefer the better Fel Pro gaskets purchase kit # HUG-7720FEL

If you need to repair the intake plenum gasket on your V6, it is available by ordering Part # HUG-7725.

We always suggest replacing the thermostat with one of our premium stainless units available below under "Related Parts".

Attention Dodge & Jeep Truck Owners!
Tired of the gasket blowing out on your plenum cover? Engine pinging under acceleration? Using an excessive amount of oil? Notice that your mileage is dropping? Don't want to weld the cover to the intake?

Worried about turning up the boost on your supercharger? This is the answer! This kit will replace the plenum plate with a one piece, high strength, 1/4" thick aluminum plate. It is supplied with all new, Grade 8 fasteners, new intake gasket set & gasket, new intake bolts, new bypass hose and detailed instructions. 
The factory tried and failed to fix this problem by using a metal gasket. This is a short lived fix, at best. By using our 1/4" thick aluminum plate, the problem is solved no matter what type of gasket you use.

Clues to help diagnose the problem:
  1. With the engine shut off open the throttle body wide open. Look down into the manifold with a flashlight. This area should be clean aluminum - no oil or black soot. If there is oil (usually dirty black) the plenum gasket is leaking.
  2. With the engine running, remove the PCV from the valve cover. There should be air pressure coming out of the valve cover. If there is a vacuum, this indicates the plenum gasket is leaking.

There is an option:  For those of you that want to completely eliminate the plenum, improve your performance and increase mpg.....check out our  
HUG 5409 FI Air Gap intake manifold made exclusively for Hughes Engines by Edelbrock Corp. This is a complete replacement intake manifold that eliminates the factory "keg" style intake.
Also keep in mind that when the plenum cover gasket leaks it causes oil to be drawn into the intake manifold. This causes increased oil usage, smoking, pinging and power loss. The additional oil usage will cause excessive carbon to build up on the oxygen sensor. The carbon acts as an insulator effecting the operation of the sensor which controls the power, mileage and emissions. We suggest you install a new pre-catalytic (front) O2 sensor when replacing the plenum cover and gasket. 

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