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This kit contains the hardware necessary to replace the stock cam with one of our drop-in SteamRoller cams. No tuner necessary!  Owners who have chassis dynoed their truck before and after installation of this cam have reported up to 31hp and 48 torque increase. Peak torque @3500rpm, peak horsepower @4700rpm.  


HUG SER0814AL-14 - Camshaft
HUG 7011 - Cam Bolt and Washer
HUG 7542 - Cam Key
HUG 1110P - 16 Valve Springs
HUG 1278 - 16 Valve Spring Retainers
HUG 1307B - Valve Locks

The actual compression ratio of the stock 5.9L engines is only 8.2:1
We suggest installing the MRG 1121G head gasket for increased compression and even more power.  
The suggested parts below are optional additions.

FEL MS95392-1 Intake Gasket Set
FEL TCS45952 Timing Chain Gasket Set
FEL 50419R Valve Cover Gasket Set
HUG 1550 - 1.6:1 Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Kit (Iron Heads)
HUG 1555 - 1.6:1 Aluminum Rocker Arm Kit (Iron Heads)
HUG 1560 - 1.6:1 Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Kit (Edelbrock Magnum Heads)
HUG 1555A - 1.6:1 Aluminum Rocker Arm Kit (Edelbrock Magnum Heads)
HUG 5006 - Standard Performance Roller Lifters
HUG 5007 - High Performance Roller Lifters
HUG 6440 - 3 Keyway Timing Chain Set
HUG 6442 - 7 Keyway Timing Chain Set

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