VIC JR 426-572 HEMI HEAD W/ VALVES :: EDE-61189

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Must be used on bore of 4.325" or notched 4.250" bore. 

  • Cylinder Head Specifications:
  • Combustion chamber volume: 170cc
  • Intake runner volume: 245cc
  • Exhaust runner volume: 105cc
  • Intake valve diameter: 2.32"
  • Exhaust valve diameter: 1.94"
  • Valve stem diameter: 5/16"
  • Valve guides: Maganese Bronze
  • Deck thickness: 5/8"
  • Valve spring diameter: 1.54"
  • Valve spring maximum lift: .700"
  • Rocker stud: N/A
  • Guideplate: N/A
  • Pushrod diameter: 5/16" or 3/8"
  • Valve angle: Int. (stock) / Exh. Tipped 1.5° - 21.5°
  • Exhaust port location: Stock
  • Spark plug fitment: 14mm x 3/4 reach, gasket seat

        Our new Victor Jr. cylinder heads are designed for high output 650+ hp Chrysler 426-572 engines. They feature fully CNC'd combustion chambers and CNC blended seats for optimal air flow performance. These Cylinder heads also feature a revised exhaust valve angle to accommodate larger intake valves. They also feature brass tubes installed in exhaust pushrod holes to allow maximum clearance with minimal port intrusion.

    Designed to be used with any 2 bolt per cylinder Hemi intake and stock style Hemi rocker arms.VICTOR JR. CNC B/B CHRYSLER 426-572 FEATURES:
    • Victor Jr. CNC cylinder heads #61175 and #61179 are complete and ready to run right out of the box.
    • Victor Jr. CNC cylinder heads #61169 are bare and supplied with reamed and semi-finished valve stem guides. They will require finishing on the valve stem guides and a valve job before installation.
    • Victor Jr. CNC cylinder heads #61189 are shipped with reamed and machined valve stem guides, as well as a valve job to match the included intake and exhaust valves (valves not installed). Customer must supply their own valve springs, retainers, valve stem seals and valve locks. 
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