Yes, we have, at one time or another, used and in some cases sold the other rockers that you see advertised elsewhere for Chryslers. All of them fall short of what is needed for correct operation, affordability and durability.

Now we have our own custom made C.N.C. machined rockers. The oiling to the pushrod cup, the roller tip and the new larger axle shafts is improved and more reliable. The geometry and ratios are C.N.C accurate and correct for Chryslers.....Chryslers are all we do!

Talk about strength! We have customers using our cryo treated big block rockers with valve spring pressures of 330# on the seat and 725# open, and living! He was afraid he was going to have to go to the #1 or #2 (Jesel/ T&D) best rockers at around $1,500 a set. He had been running some of the racing "Gold" rockers (????) and breaking one every other run down the strip. Not only that, the lash was increasing .004 to .005" every run. Obviously, the car was very inconsistent. Finally he decided to "Get Real" Chrysler rockers and our Billet hold down kit (HUG 7442) from us.  
He reported back to us that after 35 runs he has not broken a single rocker and the lash had changed less than .001". The car is now running within .04 of second every run. Now that is consistency!

To say he was pleased with our rocker arm kit is an understatement!  And we are only #3!!!!! 

 Nov. 2007
   We just talked to this customer again and he reports that the car has made 273 passes with our rocker arms this season. He only adjusted the lash 3 times throughout the entire season! And now, with his season over he is doing a routine inspection of all of his engines internal components and was very impressed to find that all of the rocker arm system looks brand new. Keep in mind, 330# seat pressure, 725# open pressure, 7500 RPM shifts and 273 passes and these babies look as fresh as the day he installed them!  Now thats a testimoninal you can bank on!
     .600" offset 1.6 ratio Victor style                BB Standard Offset 

Small Block LA Standard                     Small Block .350" offset

Magnum Rocker (Standard)       


.815" Offset Indy Rockers

Update 1/11/12: Our newest shaft mounted rockers have a revised oil disbursement system. The oil is trapped in the most critical area at the bottom of the shaft and rocker interface area providing much improved oiling over any other system on the market.

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