The build is a Hughes Engines 426 short block based on 360 LA block (4.030" bore X 4.180" stroke crank). Hughes Engines  also installed and degreed in one of their HEH3237AL-10 camshafts.

 Engine Details:

  • 426 cubic inch (4.030" X 4.180") HUG 426-RACE-KFH
  • Hughes Engines 1.5 ratio "real" rocker arm kit HUG 15023
  • Hughes deep port matched Edelbrock Victor intake manifold HUG 2915DPM
  • 950HP Carb
  • Hooker Super Comp Headers 1-3/4" X 3.00"

    It idles with 14-15" of vacuum and sounds really tame. We bumped the timing to 34º and are getting 464 HP and 508 lbs-ft of torque. See charts below.

Thank you,
   Vic Bloomer


                                           Click on either chart to view a larger image


Customer dyno tests