We offer our exclusive Super prep work on all of the new Iron Ram and RHS "X" heads.  The Super Prepped heads are unique to the industry. These levels of modification are designed to give the customer some more power over a box stock head and not have to go to the expense of a fully ported set of heads. These  heads have a special valve & seat job with some limited, yet specialized porting, to get a boost in flow in the low & midlift ranges. They provide excellent bang for the buck!

Some heads respond very well to this type of modification, such as our Hi-Performance iron heads, while others do not respond as well. Which is why we don't offer it for those heads. These heads are not fully ported and are not marketed as such, so don't expect to open the box and see fully ported heads. If you want fully ported heads we can upgrade your heads "for a few extra dollars" and if you want to order them that way, "go ahead, make my day"!

Since Super Prepped heads and Stage 1  heads are not fully ported the flow can vary from port to port, especially at higher lifts. But, as outlined above, the emphasis is on the low lift and mid range air flow improvements. The flow, especially in the mid & upper area are controlled & changed by fully reworking ports, not with a Super Prep or Stage 1 job.   In other words, don't expect fully ported heads & flow numbers at Super Prep prices.

The Super Prep and Stage 1  heads are one more part of our goal to offer customers productive, affordable modifications for their engine combinations that will provide that little edge that other shops overlook.
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