Chassis Dyno Test Results

Owner: David Connelly
Location: Arkansas  

Vehicle: 1976 Dodge Dart                        

Stage I Modified 440ci Long Block
2.0" primary tube headers
2.5" exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers (
Edelbrock/AFB 750CFM carburetor 
3700 pounds with driver
3000 stall speed torque converter
3.55:1 gear
Frame connectors
Street tires

Test location:
Area 51 Performance, Dallas, Texas

This engine is designed for those who want to get the most bang for the buck on pump gas with a hydraulic cam. The Stage I combination fills that bill and then some. The Stage I combination can be built up as a 440 in a RB or as a 451 using the 440 crank in the 400 LB block. The base Stage I engine is conservatively rated at 475 H.P., 5500 rpm and 510 ft. lbs. torque at 4400 rpm. The most popular option with this engine is our upgraded valve train featuring 1.6 aluminum roller tip rockers, hardened, oil grooved, rocker shafts and billet steel hold-downs. The chassis dyno sheet shows this street engine with 401HP at 5700 rpm and 424ft-lbs. torque at 4600 rpm. Note: The chassis dyno did not load the vehicle until approximately 2800rpm. Points on the graph below 2800rpm are not accurate.

Click here to view a larger version of the Dyno test

Testing on a chassis dyno gives results of the "in chassis" limitations, such as heat, transmission, converter, rear end, headers, exhaust, air cleaner restrictions, etc. that are not found on engine dynos. Therefore, the numbers more accurately reflect what the customer can expect to see in his vehicle. Naturally, a percentage of power will be lost through these restrictions before it is delivered to the rear wheels. Generally, the figure of 18%-22% power loss at the rear wheels is used with an automatic transmission.

Using an average of 20% power loss would yield 501HP and 530ft-lbs. at the flywheel!!!

This engine was not tested by our shop or at a "friendly", neighbor's dyno, but under the direction of the car owner. The tests were performed using a Dynojet chassis dyno. With the proper gear and stall this car could go 11.60s, and this is a true street car. He drove it to our shop pulling a trailer and back home (900 miles!), disconnected the trailer and went 11.90s.

November 9, 1998-Holley 750 carburetor (not blueprinted) installed in place of 750 Carter/Edelbrock
11.63 @ 119.53 MPH. Minimum gain 25 H.P.

September 28, 1999-More tuning on the car has yielded 11.46 ETs. With some detailed improvements on the intake and oil systems this car may go 11.20s.

March 2000 - Car runs 11.28s @ 120MPH using out latest modified M1 intake manifold.

August 2001 - 11.13s @ 120.7MPH 1/4 mile, 7.07s @ 98MPH 1/8 mile, 1.60s 60 foot
Hughes dyno tests