Pro Comp Cylinder Heads
These heads are made in the same style as the Edlebrock Victor cylinder heads. These heads accept the same CNC program we use on the Edelbrock heads and produce similar flow numbers. Although similar in appearance there are some conditions that the customers may not understand or be prepared to deal with when purchasing them.
  •  1. The intake pushrod tunnels are straight, not at an angle like the Edelbrocks. When using the necessary off/set rockers the tunnel will require grinding ( a lot of careful grinding to allow the pushrod to be installed). 
         We can CNC the tunnels. This will allow the pushrod to fit in most situations. We can also weld up if you happen to grind through somewhere and then CNC them to the correct angle. 


     2. Our .600" offset rockers  HUG 15153 & HUG 15253)  will fit and operate perfectly on these heads when the pushrod tunnel angle has been corrected. 

     3. These heads are a permanent mold type of head and we have no knowledge of their quality control relative to things such as gas pockets (porosity) and core shift. We do know that the quality of the Edelbrock heads are first rate. However, no problems have shown up in these Pro Comp heads after doing our CNC porting program. 


         At the time of this writing the heads come bare from Pro Comp.
    We can supply anything you need to finish up your engine topped with these new heads.

    Update 10/08:  Some of these heads have been known to get shipped with valves that may be too long and
    sometimes the head diameters are wrong or different. We can cure all of these conditions as required.
  • Valves
  • Springs,
  • Retainers,
  • Locks,
  • Spring cups,
  • Seals,
  •  Valley covers
  •  Pushrods,
  •  Intake gaskets,
  •  Rocker arm kits,
  •  Head bolts
  •  CNC porting
  •  Billet steel Hold Down kit with studs & nuts
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