As a promoter of flat tappet cams (because our "real" Chrysler cam lobes provide as much power as a roller of the same size - at 40% of the cost) we have been very diligent about the oils used with them. We use & sell Driven Racing oil (also called Joe Gibbs Driven Racing oil or Joe Gibbs for short, although Joe Gibbs is no longer the owner. We use and recommend this oil because it has passed some tests we ran on our own:

  • Like breaking in flat tappet cams with 425# over the nose spring pressure…no I don’t recommend it to our customers.
  • Running on the dyno with head gaskets leaking coolant into the oil pan, twice. The cam is still running 3 years later in a supercharged street application.

And even more that have made us believers in Driven oil. Never-the-less we have to be on constant vigil to help protect our flat tappet cams from damage. It has come to our attention that a LARGE oil company that sells diesel oil, that even we used 25-30 years ago, and was popular with some owners of race cars, is telling unsuspecting and trusting racers that they have not reduced the amount of ZDDP additive in their diesel oil. Well, this is true but it’s a lot like “you can keep your doctor”... But unlike your doctor, which was a 100% lie, the oil company does not tell you the whole truth. They haven’t reduced their ZDDP additive but they have had to add a D.P.F. (Diesel particulate Filter) additive package and other additive packages to conform (yes we must all conform to what the EPA – think Al Gore – thinks is best) to the current diesel oil CJ-4 API rating. These additives fight against the formation of the ZDDP anti-wear film. In low RPM diesel engines this is not a problem. However, in gasoline engines that run at higher (over 3,000) rpms it is a problem. Can you say “Flat Cam”? Sure you can.
   Yes I know, how can we stop this silly “progressive” crap. Learn to vote and then vote. If you have any questions please call.

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