Let's talk Throttle Bodies.

    The throttle bodies used on fuel injected engines like the Dodge Magnum trucks and the newer 5.7/6.1 Hemi's are merely air dooors that vary the amnount of air getting into the engine. And, as you know, the engine is an air pump. The more air you can move through an engine the more power you can make.
    Throttle bodies are one of the restriciton in the intake system so if that restriction can be reduced you can expect more air to be able to pass and make more power, right? Sure, you can understand that even if you voted for someone who wants to raise taxes and expand government. But now it's like when Tina Turner sings "Proud Mary", "It's gonna get rough".

Dumb Little Boy
   "So class, How do you make it flow more air? Raise your hand if you know."    
   "I know, I know!"
  " Yes little Tommy, what is the answer"?
   " Put in bigger throttle plates."
" No little Tommy, NO! Bad boy!"

    Is Tommy really a bad boy or is he just a dummy? Neither really, he has been indoctrinated by the liberal media to think that larger throttle plates are the answer to flowing more air.

    While larger throttle plates by themselves is not a bad thing, it is how they are used and the other work performed to take advantage of what they could offer. That is the problem. All you read in the press is about throttle plate size, as if that is the answer. The answer is the air flow. The engine does not want larger throttle plates, unless they flow more air. What your engine wants, and needs, is more air! With that information, it should be easy to pick a new throttle body for your engine.Well, it should be, but it isn't. 
    The liberal press, once again, misleads you with throttle bore sizes. You need to know how much air the throttle body can flow and then go with the most cfm per dollar spent. The problem is that it is difficult to find these air flow numbers and determine how to use them. Alas! Arise from the black hole of ignorance, learn about air flow, learn how to relate it to your needs, feel the freedom that knowledge gives you. Read the Tea Party of websites and be a winner. www.Hughesengines.com. The truth will not only set you free, it will make you faster!
    As you know if you've ever read anything about airflow in heads, you can fudge, or liberalize, the numbers by changing the flow pressure. More pressure= more flow. What we need is a standard. In flowing cylinder heads, this number is 28" H2O.Although not everyone uses it, it is the most common test pressure. Throttle bodies are more closely related to carburators than cylinder heads so we should probably rate them like carbs. But that is not as easy as it sounds because 4bbl carbls are rated at 1.5" Hg and 2bbl carbs are rated at 3.0" Hg. SInce we are all more accustom to 4bbl carbs with flow ratings of 650, 750 etc.. all the way up to 1150cfm, we will check & list flow numbers for throttle bodies at 1.5" Hg like a 4bbl carb. We think this is an easier way for you to make the correct decision on which throttle body you need.

Throttle Body Description FLow Rate at 1.5"Hg
Stock 5.9 Magnum 635cfm
Hughes Stage 1 (P/N HUG 5501) 728cfm
Competitors Aftermarket 52mm 801cfm

Hughes Stage 2 "Big Gulp"(P/N HUG 5504)


The Hughes Stage 1 throttle body will be a great improvement for any stock, mild performance or towing application. For hotter performance applications or stroked engines our Stage 2 "Big Gulp" should satisfy all of your needs for air without the expense of upgrading to a 4bbl throttle body.

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