Intake Port Marking on the Engine

  1. Stuff wadded up damp newspaper into each of the intake ports until the port is about ½” short of being completely filled.
  2. Install the heads on the block with a used head gasket the same thickness as the ones to be used for final assembly. Snug down the heads with 2 or 3 bolts.
  3. Glue the intake gaskets (used ones are ok) to the cylinder heads taking care to square the gasket ports to the head ports.
  4. Install the intake manifold. Make sure the bolt holes in the manifold are large enough to allow the bolts to start with your fingers. If not, cut them out.
  5. Spray machinist dye, with a straw, deep into each port and quickly follow up with a blast of air from your air compressor.
  6. The machinist dye will blow back against the manifold face leaving a true pattern of the cylinder head port on the manifold for perfect alignment.
  7. Send the manifold to us with the dye marks intact.

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