This test was our first with the Edelbrock heads with our Stage III HP porting. The engine is a variation of our 505ci Long Block using a 400 block, 1/2" stroker crank, our HEV 7680BS flat tappet camshaft, our MODIFIED M-1 intake and race gas. The engine was built in our shop and dyno tested by our staff.

Results: 716HP @ 5800RPM and 686 ft-lbs torque @ 5000RPM

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515ci StrokerWhat does this test show?:
First, this engine used our modified Hemi oil system along with a modified Mopar Performance windage tray. The bearings looked brand new after 22 pulls on the dyno. No external pumps or swinging pickups were needed. Look at that torque, 529 ft-lbs at 2500RPM and 686 ft-lbs at 5000RPM. Numbers like that make the converter manufacturer's job very easy. With torque like this anything will work, this is not a tractor engine! This test also shows the Stage III HP porting on the Edelbrock heads can supply enough air for over 700HP. Further investigation leads us to believe that over 700HP with a combo similar to this could be possible with PUMP GAS! This is an engine that could definitely use the new Edelbrock Victor intake, possibly adding another 12- 16HP. At this time (September 2002) there is no mention of a LB (low block) version of the new Victor intake from Edelbrock. The MODIFIED M-1 intake did a very good job providing enough air for over 700HP though.

Remember, the Edelbrock heads are not a specialized head, but a direct replacement for the factory iron heads. Everything fits and you don't need to change anything but spark plugs, it just so happens that we can help them produce over 700HP .Just look at that torque and repeat after me, "This is not a tractor". We hope to have ET results from this engine soon.
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