This is an answer to folks who ask if we have ever dyno tested a 383 build-up. This is an engine we that we built and dyno tested it in 2000. It is a very good example of what was possible with a 383 block at that time.

  • Cast iron factory 383 block bired +.060"
  • Hughes Race Prepped Kit Block work
  • Stock stroke OEM forged crankshaft
  • Custom Diamond pistons (13.8:1 compression ratio)
  • Eagle 6.768" rods
  • Hughes Stage 2 ported '906 heads w/ 2.14"/1.81" valves
  • M1 Single plane intake modified by Hughes
  • 1" open carb spacer
  • Hughes HEV6368BS3 camshaft
  • Hughes 1.6:1 Roller rockers
  • Half fill with hard block
  • MSD distributor and ignition system

Obviously this is not a pump gas engine but it never-the-less is a very strong 383.

Click on chart below for an enlarged copy


Hughes dyno tests