This dyno test and engine build-up was featured in Mopar Muscle Magazine. The idea was to build a small cubic inch engine with a supercharger that could equal or exceed the power and torque of a normally aspirated (that means without a supercharger) 500 C.I. big block engine all on pump gas. Several things came to light in this build-up.

1) Yes, we could exceed the 500” 
strokers power & torque.
2) Properly built, the 318 block will handle a forced induction system,
 supercharger or turbo, that puts out 597 HP @ 6000 and 535 lbs/ft torque between 4500/5000 RPM on a rear wheel dyno. (Let your fertile imagination calculate what this would be at the crankshaft).

3) By making a few changes, and not using a supercharger, you can actually make as much as 400hp for less money. Such things as the cam, pistons & intake manifold could be switched from the custom parts used on the supercharged engine to more economically prices shelf stocked parts. T
his engine normally aspirated could easily go over 400HP.

This engine used an HEH2332AL flat tappet cam with a 113º L.S.A., 223º at .050” intake, 232º at .050” on the exhaust with .556” intake lift and .589" on the exhaust.

As you can see by the graphs, the 318 built-up for a blower, but without the supercharger installed made 370 HP and 349 TQ.

Dyno Test Results without the supercharger installed. 

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Dyno Test Results with the supercharger installed. 
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As of Feb. 2011 the latest dyno tests on this engine is showing results of
595hp and 535tq on rear wheel dyno.
UPDATE March 2013: 663 Flywheel HP. The car runs 12.28 ET @ 118 mph @ 5500' altitude using 3.23 rear gears. 597 rwhp @16# boost

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Recommended changes for a normally aspirated version of this engine:
Edelbrock RPM intake manifold (P/N EDE 7577) for magnum bolt pattern or (P/N EDE 7176for L.A. bolt pattern.   We suggest getting our deep port match and using our HEH2832AL “real” Chrysler cam with a 108 LSA.  Use our P/N  KBP KB167.STD pistons which will give you 9.7:1 CR which should be fine for pump premium gas.
Hughes dyno tests