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Whiplash Flat tappet hydraulic small block "LA" camshaft.

Hughes "real" Chrysler cam

WARNING: Our Whiplash cam is designed for basically stock, low compression engines. This cam will run on pump gas in a 318 with 8.6:1 or less compression and iron heads. If your compression is higher than this you may need to use a higher octane race fuel. Your vacuum should be in the 9"-11" range using this cam.
(Figures calculated using stock stroke & compression at 750' altitude.)

Basic guidelines  (These are not absolutes, just guidelines to help you get close on a cam choice)
Use: Street and some strip
Idle: Like it wants to bite your head off! Very aggressive
Vacuum: Low
Converter: Stock or a mild stall
Rear gear: Stock or up to 3.55
Benefits: Tons of low end torque and a super aggressive idle that scares Mustangs, Camaros and rice burners from even thinking about messing with you.

To hear this cam in action check out the customer videos and testimonial at this link.   CLICK HERE

TECH NOTES: Click Here to see our article on Whiplash Cams

The OEM Distributors have terrible advance curves. Many go as far as 50+° advance which will cause major damage and have very poor acceleration. When you order a Whiplash cam ask for the special whiplash advance curve specs or we can supply you with a new Pertronix distributor (P/N PRT 7141700) and we will custom curve it for no extra charge.


Part Number

Small Block

PRT D7141700

Big Block – Low Deck

PRT D7142700

Big Block – Raised Deck

PRT D7143700


Pertronix distributors all contain their own electronics, no need to rely on old Mopar orange or chrome box electronics.


We also recommend our distributor shaft collar (P/N HUG 22041) to limit the travel of the intermediate shaft reducing spark scatter and increasing power.

Be sure to check out our NO FLAT CAM GUARANTEE!


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: Standard performance use HUG 5001  High performance use HUG 5003

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Break-in Oil: 5W30 JGP 01806    or  15W50 JGP 00106

Cam Key: HUG 7542

Cam bolt & washer: HUG 7011

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