Willis, Mick
1965 Dodge Dart


Here are some pictures of my '65 Dart I started in 1992. As you can see it still
has a way to go but it's getting there. I would like to thank you for providing
products and knowledge that do what they are supposed to. You told me that if I
assembled this combination myself as a first timer that I should make around
580 horsepower. I topped off my motor with a Rons 4 shooter on alcohol. They
told me to expect 6 % over gas and a carb. I made 622 HP and 581 LBS of
torque. Torque was from 574.6 @ 4500RPM to 517.5 @ 6250 RPM. The car weighs 2825lb
race ready with me in it and has run a best of 6.19 @ 110 MPH in the eighth. I
have run once to about 1100 feet wich resulted in a 9.98. I use your modified
M1 intake. Stage 2 '452 heads and a HEV6368BS cam with your 1.6:1 rockers. I
have about 50 or so passes on the car so far and I think there is more left in
it since I am still learning to tune the motor and the 4 link. A lot of people
are very surprised that my car is as fast as it is with iron heads and no
nitrous, I love it. I look forward to doing business with you in
the future. Since my car is solidly in the 9's in the quarter, next stop 8's

Thanks Again
Mick Willis
Waco, Texas

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