Stolworthy, Bryan
1970 Challenger


Bryan's 1970 Challenger is powered by a Big Block using a Hughes Engines HER5864BL Hydraulic Roller Cam.

Like most old Mopars, Bryan's car comes complete with a great story to go along with it.............. We asked Bryan to share it with our customers and the following is his account of how he came to own this jewel.

Hughes Engines,
      As far as the car goes my Uncle had rescued the car from a salvage yard in Colorado in 1984, it was by no means complete and it took a lot of hunting for him to piece it together. He had the car 90% done when he parked it in the desert outside of Las Vegas where he lives. It sat there 13 years until last November when I was FINALLY able to talk him into letting me have the car. I've dreamed my whole life since childhood of having this car and I couldn't believe it when he finally gave in and let me continue where he left off.
       It's a 1970 Challenger that was originally a 318 car, but over the years it's slowly had all the proper pieces collected and has been cloned into an R/T. When I got the car last November I brought it home and immediately starting brainstorming on what I wanted to do under the hood. It still had the 383 that my Uncle had built in it but it had been sitting 13 years and the valve seals had to be rock hard after years of the scorching desert heat and it would have needed some work to be driven with that engine. Besides that the tranny had to come out anyways, second gear was knocked out (one of the reasons it got parked).
      The end result was the brain child of my Dad and I, my Dad was always a gear head and the apple didn't fall far from the tree. The engine is a 400 B block bored to 4.375" and paired with an Eagle forged crank with a 3.90" stroke which came out to 470". Along with that went Eagle H-beam rods and Wiseco Pro-Tru Forged pistons. I decided to go with Indy's EZ-1 CNC'd Max Wedge heads paired with their Max Wedge single plain intake. I topped it all off with a Quick Fuel 1050cfm carb. Of course we all know the most key ingredient in the whole mix is camshaft selection, for that (amongst many other things) I turned to you guys. I decided on a Hydraulic Roller from you, the HER5864BL,  258/264 duration @ .050". .576"/.592" lift w/1.6 rockers. All of the above coupled with a 3500 stall converter made for one hell of a fun street car. I'm really happy with the end result everything meshed well and it's a total riot to drive. I'm not done with the car by any means but at least I can go terrorize the streets with it now. Pardon my lengthy blabbering but I enjoy sharing this cars story, it's more than a cool car to me.
      As of yet I haven't had a chance to take the car to the drag-strip ,but I figure with slicks it should hopefully run in the ten's. Not bad for a garage built street machine.
         Thanks again,
                  Bryan Stolworthy

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