Stodolka, Michael
1966 Coronet


Hughes Engines, inc. Just a note about my car.
I have your 2832BL cam, valve springs, and rocker hold downs in my 66 Coronet.
Best run so far, 13.62 @ 101.5mph with street tires. I know it will be faster with more experience.
I really like the way it runs with the cam.

Stock 66 Coronet w/ a 1973 440

9.38 comp, forged speed pros
'902 heads self ported, new 2.08 1.74 valves
CH4B Edel. dual quad w/ 600 Edel. carbs
Crane adj. rockers (iron type)
Stock 69 HP exhaust manifolds, ports cleaned up
Balanced crank assembly
MSD ign. and dist.
stock 383 torque converter
2.25 exhaust (same pipes the 318 had) w/flowmasters
3.23 gears
235/70-15 rear street tires (28 in.)

Have new headers, and maybe lower gears for next spring.


Update July 2008: 

 Installed headers, and some 11.50 x 28 MT Et streets. Best so far on a hot humid day here in MN, 13.48 at 102.7. Still running 3.23's. Hopefully lower gears next time and cooler weather.

Thanks again.
Mike Stodolka

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