Schilling, Bob
1973 Plymouth Barracuda


Update May 24th 2012:
Hey Kids,      Just a short note to let you know that at approx 1145 am pct we broke 200. Each of you has in some way shape or form has helped us achieve this goal. Whether with parts, tech info, aero info, advise, bouncing ideas off, or just plain harassment, I want to thank all of you for that. Bear in mind this is not a fancy pants trailer queen, over priced, highly modified 'Cuda like the LMC or G Force 'Cudas. It is still very much a car you could build back in the '70's and be affordable by anyone. GPS 202, Speedo 198 and bouncing, tach 5100 rpm which is 201.7 mph. This was the first run for this setup and Im sure with a tweak of jets and rear aero we can get a bit more. If nothing else the next cam should settle it without question. FYI, 500 cid 260/264 solid cam, Indy max wedge heads, Edelbrock single plane, and 1000cfm Holley. Regards and Thanks again to you all. Bob

1968 440ci Big Block
Edelbrock cylinder heads and intake
MSD ignition
10.5:1 JE pistons
Eagle connecting rods
Holley 830cfm race carburetor
Hughes Engines camshaft and lifters
TTI headers and 3" exhaust
833 overdrive (.73 4th gear) and 2.76 axle

Check out this video of the 'Cuda breaking 200 mph.

Watch this car run 185mph!!!! Click video below.


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