Raby, Benoit
1973 Plymouth Cuda


April 2005
440ci Big Block
'906 heads (ported J.Lortie)
HEV5660BS Camshaft
Performer RPM intake manifold
Holley 750 carburetor (improved J.Lortie)
727 Torqueflite
3500RPM stall speed torque converter
4.10 gears
2"primary, 3½" secondary
3800lbs with driver

11.47s @ 1/4 mile at 117.21MPH
1.55 sec 60 ft

October 2005 update:
This car is street driven daily on pump gas!
440ci Big Block stroked to 500ci
Keith Black block
Bulldog heads ported by Hughes Engines
HTL5660 BS3 camshaft
Mopar Performance M1 intake manifold modified by Hughes Engines
Hughes 1.6:1 roller rockers (HUG1520S-16)
3.54 rear gears
Transmission work by A&A Transmissions

10.58s at 127.23MPH 1/4 mile
1.41 sec 60 ft

October 2006 Update:

Hi Kevin,

 October is there again that means for Québec guys the end of the drag season ! ! ! 

I want to send you my best numbers of the year: 

60 Fts: 1.36 Sec

1/8:  6.38 Sec @ 105.88 Mph

1/4: 10.10 Sec@ 132.35 Mph

Car 3800 Lbs Race ready

Rear end : 3.54

Rear Tire: 30 X 9

For the engine 528 Cid all parts are come from your business except the engine block (Keith Black) I built that engine with Dave's knowledge also with Dave's contact for the tranny Rick Allison of A&A Transmissions and Frank Lupo. 

There is only one sticker on my car and on my racing coat (Hughes Engines) Guess why ? 

Thanks again,

Ben Raby

UPDATE October 2009:
 I want to share with you my results about the drag season 2009
For this year my best numbers are:
1.32 sec / 60 fts
6.13 sec @ 110.80 mph  (1/8 mile)
9.68 sec @ 138.19 Mph  (1/4 mile)
The car is still 3800 lbs (race ready) natural aspiration, no nitrous and 9 inch rear tires

Update November 2010
Like every years i'm sending to you my best numbers at the track.
The car still the same weight 3800 lbs (race ready) natural aspiration, no nitrous.
Engine basic,camshaft,rockers,exhaust system (all the same) Heads
( intake runner opened up to max wedge size advice from Dave)
Super Victor intake with a 1050 CFM Dominator to match the max wedge port heads.
New 9 inch torque Convertor 5,600 stall from Frank Lupo New 6 pinion
low gear planetary,new billet drum 2 rd with big piston for third gear from
A&A transmission Rick Allison Best numbers on October 23 2010 with a high
atmospheric pressure and 44 farenheith temp at sea level:
1.30sec 60 fts
6.00 sec @ 113.81 mph (1/8 mile)
9.45 sec @ 142.68 mph (1/4 mile)


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