Pare, Joe & Ron
1989 Dakota Big Block Mud Bogger


Hello guys, This is Joe Pare from Maine. I am sending you some photos of our mudracing truck we use in the Maine Mud Bog Association. in the 2005 season I and my father Ron Pare placed very well in the points standing for the year. We raced the truck in two classes, they are class 5 modified, and class 6 Super modified. As you can see the truck is a 1989 Dodge Dakota. The truck originally started out as a V6 2 wheel drive long bed. We used the factory frame and chpped the bed twice 24 inches from the back and 14 inches off the front. As far as the motor goes it is a 1977 440. We are using a stock stroke steel crankshaft. The block is bored .040", it has forged pistons with gapless rings giving us 13.2:1 compression ratio. We then topped it off with an awesome set of the INDY 440 EZ heads that we purchased from you. Man, I tell ya what a power difference just by bolting these heads on. On top of the motor we are using an INDY single plane intake with a 1050cfm carb. We also are giving this motor a little more of a kick with a nice 250HP shot of nitrous through a placte system. The motor is bolted up to a racing 727 transmission with a 4500 stall converter. I'm telling you...this truck flies!!! We race on 180ft mudtracks and usually our times average between 3.5 and 4.5 seconds. As for the 2005 season, I got 1st place in the Class 5 modified and 2nd place in the the Class 6 Super modified. As for Ron, he did just as well using the same truck for the 2005 season. he got 3rd in the Class 5 modified division and 1st in the Class 6 Super mofidied division. So, we did very well last season. This would not have happened without the power of those INDY 440 EZ heads and the technical assistance from you guys at Hughes Engines Racing. Thanks a lot guys! if you could post a pic of my truck on your website that would be great. Once again, thanks a lot! I can guarentee you that there will always be a Hughes Engines Racing decal on the side of our truck!



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