Malec, Don
1975 Plymouth Duster


Stage 1 HP Ported iron Heads
HE4449AL Cam Kit

Quote from customer:

"Have new best of 1.56 60 foot, new best 11.52 ET and new best 115 MPH. This is with a 75 Duster with a 360 .040, KB107 pistons with 0 deck, the thin MP P4120094 head gaskets, 1.5 rockers, LD340 intake topped by a Chuck Nuytten prepped 750 Holley. Running with a Torqueflite, GER 3500 stall converter, and 4.30 gear and 10.5 X 29.5 X 15 M/T slick. Race weight at 3000 lbs. Am satisfied for a first trip with new combo and feel that 11.40's are in reach with out too much work."

NEW INFORMATION (10-28-2007)

Well, with a little tuning and a different converter, I now have a best ET of 11.39 and it runs consistent low 11.40's. I am very satisfied. Thanks to you I am right where I want to be at this time. By the way, this is running with the MP heavy duty stamped steel rocker arms. Thanks again. 

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