Layton, Larry 1972 Duster


Thanks for the info yesterday afternoon on the vacuum question.  I have been putting off letting you
know how satisfied I’ve been with the new cam and head refurbishing I got from you this past winter.
  The HER3642AL cam picked up my ET from last year almost 2 tenths.  My car is basically stock,
including ralley wheels, with a full interior w/bucket seats & console.  I purchased the car new thru
the Air Force Exchange in Athens, Greece while serving in the US Navy in 1972.  My engine now
consists of a 360 Magnum, flat top pistons, HER3642AL,  Willy’s 750 carb, Air –Gap intake, &
Edelbrock prepped heads with 904 Trans, 4.30 gears.  Quickest 1/8 mile ET: 7.13+, 60’: 1.48
& fastest MPH: 94 plus.


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