Lake, Ron
1974 Plymouth Duster


My engine is a 60 over 340 with 9.5 compression speed pro flat top forged pistons and scat I beam rods and stock forged crank.  It has a Hughes HEH4246AL Dual pattern flat tappet hyd. cam.  The heads are 915 castings that have been ported with 2.07 & 1.60 stainless valves with Crane Gold rockers and Manton pushrods, manifold is a performer rpm non air gap model with 750 DP. carb. The motor was built by Marc Viau  Motorsports and made 463 hp. & 428 tq at Westech Performance on pump gas. In my 74 Duster with 4.30 gears and 4500 ATI convertor at 3,300 lbs. car ran 11.461 at 116.94 mph and 1.584 60ft. & 7.279 at 94.70 mph 1/8th mile.

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