Jackson, Troy
1962 Dodge Dart


505 Long Block customized for high altitude use (5000ft)
Best ET 11.06s in 1/4 mile
Best 60 ft 1.54s
Best MPH 119

" (My) younger brother Dustin Jackson won Pueblo Motorsports Park's High School Friday Night Drag series championship. This was his first year of drag racing and he dominated the competition with the Hughes Engines powered 62 Dodge Dart. I have to compliment Dave and his entire shop for building me a motor that was seeing two races a week and it just performed perfectly, what else could a person ask for? The High School series was 10 races, Dustin went to 7 final rounds and won 6 of those."

"The elapsed times we are running may not seem all that great even for the approx. 5000 ft above sea level, but we could not supply the 505ci beast with enough fuel, nor do we have near the amount of stall with the current converter , we could only stall the car up to 1,500 rpm to launch anything higher than that and it would shove the front tires through the stage beams. This season we are installing a 5500 stall converter, and a complete Barry Grant fuel system to replace our single Holley pump and 3/8" fuel line, just think what will happen to that 60 ft and ET after those two changes ..... Please use any of this info you want and thanks again ...... one more loyal customer"

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