Horn, Brian
1970 Challenger


Dear Hughes Guys,
I'm writing to thank you for your magnificent parts, service and advice.
Last year you supplied me with Edelbrock aluminum heads and with your wazoo, double-throwdown, mui-bitchin' (as we say when in Mexico) valve gear for my small block.  The performance and durability is superior to anything I have tried personally or heard about from friends.
The motor is a 340 Resto block with good parts, bored and stroked to 418 c.i.  The rest I got from you and boy am I glad I do business with you guys!
Attached are a couple pics of the Challenger.  I drug it from my home in Kent, Washington to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Bracket Nationals during Thanksgiving of 2006.  I won fourteen rounds in the first three days of racing, then won the nine-rounder the final day of racing.  Thank you for your participation.  In fact, since installing your parts, I have entered just thirteen races and won four of them.  I'll take it!
The amazing fact I am anxious to share with you is not about me, of course, its about your valve gear.  This won't surprise you like it does me, but, since setting the valves initially over 90 passes ago, then re-setting them after run-in, I have not found a single valve out of adjustment.  I'm getting tired of looking!  And your extreme pressure lube appears to be effective as well.
I tell friends and others who ask, the reason my 3200-pound car leaves at idle and pulls the wheels 15" off the ground and runs low tens with a small block,is, Hughes Engines has their excrement assembled!
Thanks again, guys, and may the hits keep coming.
Brian Horn
     Here we have a fine example of Dave's quality parts and good advice executed properly.  Foot-braked off idle and launches like a wound-up superstocker. 

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