Horan, Shawn
1988 Dodge Dakota


451ci Big Block Stroker

HEH3237BLcamshaft and lifter set

Aluminum, roller tip rocker arm set #1520S-16

 Chromoly rocker shafts with steel hold downs #1624
3460lbs with driver

60ft in 1.66s
660ft in 7.51s @ 91.97 MPH
1320ft in 11.79s @ 114.37 MPH

Quote from customer:

"I just wanted to say thanks to Dave Hughes for his honesty and help in selecting the following components for my 451 stroker engine build. After the engine was in and running, I was expecting my 1988 Dakota to run low 12's in the 1/4 mile. When it ran 11.79, I was completely amazed. I firmly believe that the Hughes components made this possible. Now I can HONESTLY say that I have a street vehicle that runs 11's on the 1/4 mile, and does it burning 91 octane fuel."

UPDATE  06/04/07:




Hello. My name is Shawn Horan from Buffalo NY and on your  web site, you have some pictures and information posted about my 451 stroker big block powered 1988 Dakota and some of the Hughes Engines componants that I have purchased. I just wanted to give you guys an update on how my Dakota has been performing.
I've made a bunch of 1/4 passes at New York International Raceway Park (which is about 50 miles from my house) and other than some timing adjustments and jet changes, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a quarter mile pass of 11.70 @115mph with some limited traction. Not bad for a 9.5:1 compression engine and 3.55 gears. I'm sure that with good traction conditions and more tuning, 11.60's or 11.50's is possible.
1.59-   60'
7.39-   660' *
9.72-   1000'
11.70- 1320'
*Not far from my house is an 1/8 mile track called Lancaster Motorsports Park which i'd love to race at but because the truck has run 7.39 in the 1/8 mile, IHRA and NHRA rules state that any vehicle faster than 7.49 is requiried to have a roll bar. I don't have a roll bar and don't really care to put one in the truck because its street driven on a regular basis. I guess that I could short shift or let up on it but, what fun is that!
Once again, thank you guys so much for all of your help!!!!


Shawn Horan

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