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Hughes Engines,

I just wanted to let you guys know, I'm really satisfied with the cam recommendation! My combo is a flat top, zero deck .020 360. I used the HTL5256AS cam, HUG5010 lifters, HUG1111 springs, & a HUG6442 Pro-Gear timing set. The car went from 12:70's @ 106  with my Mopar Performance 280º/.474" cam to 11:80's @ 111 with my Hughes cam!  I'm still tuning on it, so I expect some better ET's. This thing feels like it would pull forever! Nice power curve! You guys have all my future business.  

Thanks, Mike DeVore 

05/07/07:  UPDATE! My son & I went to the track Saturday. We entered two classes, 12.00 heads up index & our regular points race. We had to slow the car for the 12.00 index. He runnered up in this class! He also won the points race! This car ran dead on the number every pass. Including time trials & round wins, we put 12 passes on the car that day. A very good day at the races.

01/18/12 Update:

The winners circle pic is from the 2011 National Dragster Challenge at Tulsa Raceway Park, my son picked up his first “WALLY” trophy.
The other two pics are from a race at Centerville, Arkansas. These were from two weeks ago.
The car we have that he is in now, is 1971  Demon.
We are also building another car to join this one to run in the S/Pro class. A 1967 Barracuda big tire car, ladder bar, Dana, etc.
I going to be building a 414 small block for it, so I will be ordering parts in the future.
My sons accomplishments;
2006 – High School Champion
2007 – TRP Runner-up No-E class
2008 – TRP Sportsman Champion – Mopar Points series Champion/ 5-race series – 7th @ TRP No-E
2009 – TRP No-E Champion
2010 – TRP No-E Champion
2011 – TRP Tied for No-E Champion
Thanks, Mike & Parker DeVore



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