Delaney, Gary 1962 Valient (Toth Performance)



We have your iron heads 2.02 5.13 lift 360 magnum  in it the heads were done
by Toth Performance. This year (2010) we are runnning 7.04 on the 1/8 and 11.24 in the
1/4 a lot of people think its a stroked 440 or a Hemi and believe it or not!
Nitros?,  We just laugh thanks again Hughes!
 Barb and Gary Delaney Butler PA
 Here is a photo of one of my customers cars. This is the one I told you about and you asked me to send a picture along with the information.
 The car belongs to Gary Delaney it has a stock 360 magnum 380 hp. crate motor with cast dished pistons. I purchased a set of your Iron Ram heads with 2.02 and 1.62 valves. The motor had a .530 lift hyd. roller cam so I ported the heads to match the cam. Changing to the Iron Ram heads is all that was done to the car. I should tell you the engine has a 750 dual feed carb also. After the head change the car picked up dramatically, prior to the change it ran 7.50 1/8/ mile and 11.90 1/4 mile times. Now the car goes 7.15 1/8 mile and 11.28 1/4 mile times. Everyone at the track thought we had put a big block in or installed a nitros set up on the car. Here is the real kicker, his girlfriend (Barbra) drives the car and leaves it in drive. The car shifts automatically at only 5500 rpm. We have installed a set of Cal Trac bars and expect to dip into the 6's 1/8 mile and maybe 10's on the 1/4 there has been some prior problems with getting it hooked up. I highly recomend the Iron Ram heads, all the guys at the track can't beleive the car has steel heads on it. I do have a copy of the time slip from Thompsom Raceway if you need it.
 Thanks Bruce Toth
Toth Performance


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