Cryspin, Paul
1967 Dart


Updated photo & stats 10/2014

Hi Guys, Updated pictures new ET 8.88@151 with 2yr old B-1 thanks for the parts!    Paul Crispyn



I think the port work you guys did Got The Job Dunn. New Best et 9.21@ 143 mph 1.26 60' @ 3000lbs 493 cu in .455 lobe lift 1.6 rockers.
Thanks!  P
aul NJ

My Dart has TH-400, 4.56 gears , 14x32 ladder bar coil overs on all 4 corners.Rack built in 1972 by Farks Super Cars Brooklyn,NY.  I assemble all my engines and rebuilt the trans this year after 6 hard seasons of use. I drive it and torture it!


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