Connelly, David
1970 Plymouth Duster


440ci Big Block
10.28s @ 129.5 MPH in ¼ mile

Quote from customer:

"The car is a 1970 Plymouth Duster with a rectangular tube chassis with a steel body, 'glass hood and 'glass bumpers. It has a Lexan windshield and lexan door windows. The floor pan is aluminum. I race trim it weighs 2,880lbs. Dana 60 with ladder bars, 4.56 and spool with 32" x 14.5's. The tranny is a 727 with an 8" ATI converter. The front suspension in from a Ford Pinto.

The engine is a Hughes Engines, Inc. prepped 440 .040" with Keith Black HUG2064 040 pistons bringing it to 9.6:1 compression ratio. It has a stock stroke Mopar steel crank and stock standard (not 6 pak) connecting rods. The camshaft is a Hughes HE4449BL with the HUG5003 lifters and the Hughes 1109 springs installed to spec. On top I have the Hughes 1520S-16 aluminum roller tip rocker arms with the banana groove shafts. The heads are factory '452 cast iron with stainless steel valves. The heads have been max ported and the quench heights all equalized. The block was decked .040". The intake manifold is a M1 intake with the plenum welded and then ground to match the Holley 950HP carb mounted on top of a 2" spacer. This all breathes though a set of custom 2" headers of unequal length made to fit the chassis.

At Thunder Valley Raceway, which is NHRA certified, 1,000 ft above sea level, 75° and 50% humidity, I ran the car a full ¼ mile just to see if it would! The tires were over inflated to 10lbs , the car spun bad! It was my worst 1/8 mile of the weekend and it ended up running 10.28 at 129.5 mph in a ¼!

This car is a very streetable, no maintenance required ---- the valve covers haven't been off for over a year and a half! At the local tracks in South Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas at approx 300' above sea level the car is consistent at 6.35 to 6.45 in the 1/8th. It has gone as quick as 6.29 in really good cool air!

This is a VERY GOOD combination!!! Thanks Dave!"

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