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Australian Ski Race Boat


This boat is built for marathon style ski racing with races anything from 40 mile to 70 mile in length. These races take anywhere from 40 - 60 minutes towing two skiers. In a race we will average something like low to mid 80 mph for the above amount of time.

The boat is a 18'6" fiberglass, Everingham (a well known Australian boat builder) ski race hull. Two long-range fuel tanks, all up holds about 260 litres, the hull weighs with engine around 1200 - 1400 pound.

Engine and Performance:
Peter Gehle - Engine Builder

Last season we ran a very mild 440 which did around 70 mph or so with two skiers, maybe a bit more. The basic make up of last seasons engine was:

Flat Top Pistons
10:1 Comp
Mild Australian Solid Cam
Steel crank
Mild '915 steel heads, with stock rockers
Tunnel ram, twin 750 Holleys
With the above engine we had around 500 hp, it revved out to around 5300 rpm (max).

This season we are running with the same block:

New steel crank
6 pack rods
12.5:1 comp pistons
Roller rocker (1.6 ratio)
Edelbrock Alloy heads (flowing 190 cfm at 10")
Hughes Engines solid roller camshaft HER6672BS. Same induction as above
After market electronic ignition
Gear drive

With this engine we think we are well into the 600 hp range, we will let you know when we dyno it. It dials into over 6000 rpm very easily, does this with or without skiers (scary). At these revs (boat alone) we are around 90 mph. This is 3/4 throttle. The engine has heaps more, its way fast enough for what we built it for at present.

With this cam the torque twist of the boat is unbelievable, you cannot totally gun it off the mark as the boat will want to turn itself inside out. The lift is spot on, dial in was to easy, and this thing makes awesome torque, Thanks to you guys for setting us straight.

"Dave's patient phone calls to Joe Dirt (Peter) was much appreciated, you blokes really know your stuff, thanks

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