Cailey, John
1979 Chrysler 300


There were 3,811 late model B bodies built as Chrysler 300's ( Cordoba sheet metal ). Many unique features were included in this model. The stock drive train included a "E58" 360 small block engine, 727 trans, and a 9 1/4 Chrysler diff with 3.23 gears. Per Motor Trend testing in 1979, this car ran a 17.25 @ 78.8 mph. This car, modified with a Hughes 408" street stroker kit, Hughes prepped Magnum Cylinder heads, Hughes HEH4650 hydraulic cam and valve train, mildly modified original trans, original rear end with 4.10 gearing , has run a best to date of 12.21 @ 110.53mph. Except for the drive train mods, this car is completely stock and original - including the awesome "rich Corinthian" leather seats.

 John Caily


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