Blalock, Jody


My current combination is a 440 stroked to 493 with eagle rods&crank flat top pistons 0 decked and one of the Hughes Engines main bearing stud girdles. I have Indy 440-1 heads no porting just ports blended. Indy Intake with 1050 dominator. I think the compression ratio is about 12.5:1 I did a test and the cylinders averaged 196 to 200 one hole was 205 the engine was warm. My headers are TTI step headers for Indy Heads. I am running a 4400 converter that I stall to 3000 to leave. A 727 transmission, 9 inch Ford rear with 4:56 gears I was running a 13/31 slicks about 6950 through the lights but have just changed to 12.5/32 slicks about 6700 through the lights.

The car weighs 3276 pounds and with me in it we weigh about 3520 pounds. My best in good weather 10.06 at 134MPH I can run 10.20 to 10.30/132/133 in any weather.

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