Blair, Kerry
1968 Dodge Dart



UPDATE 06/05/12: Just ran a 9.11 quarter mile with 5.70 eigth mile and that was with the front end off the car. Thought we were just going for testing and didn;t think it would run that fast right ioff the trailer! You guys ain't bad for Yankees. Thanks.

Hey you dudes up there at Hughes Engines! My car is a 1968 Dodge Dart it weighs 2640 lbs without driver. It has a  500 CI  with ProComp heads that have been C.N.C. ported and milled by Hughes Engines with your rocker arms. The car ran off the trailer 9.21 at 144 mph first pass 3400 on the brake at Bristol and we run a little over 2 tenths quicker down here. 4.56 gears and Sean, my son, is 6'4" and  weigh 220 pounds. It has a JW glide and converter by Allen Pope outta Florida. Its 60 ft time wasn't but 1.31 but that should git better. Eddy intake ,custom headers Aerospace shifter, Strange drive line, MSD 7, Holley carb, Fel Pro gaskets except headers. I used SCE on them. Goodyear slicks, Moroso front runners, Weld wheels, MSD dist locked in, Billet A.R. Engineering timing cover from Hughes and Taylor plug wires. She leaves hard, wheels on ground runs straight ,,with ladder bars. Thanks for the tech and support ,,the party never ends
Kerry Blair, Tennessee

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