Arata, Nick
1970 Plymouth Duster


340ci Small Block
HEH2328AL camshaft, lifter and spring kit
Standard stainless intake and exhaust valves

 1502S-16 Rocker arms with billet hold-downs
Cut-to-length pushrods
Performer RPM intake
Complete TTI exhaust system with the X pipe

Quote from customer:

"Thanks for all the help. Your stuff works great. I bought this car new and have done many changes on the engine over the years but never with the results that I now have. I've put about 2000 miles on it since April, did a little tuning on the carb and timing, it's just great. Just got back from a show at Sacramento Race Way and got a chance to run it down the track. It ran a 13.65 at 105 MPH!! I couldn't believe it so I ran it again this time I spun the tires 13.80 still 104 MPH This is with stock tires 3.55 gear 4 speed trans starting at about 1500 RPM. Sure would like to see how it would run with some tires. Anyway, I think you can see I'm very happy. Another thing I'm doing this with California junk 91 octane gas, no ping. I love it."

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