Anderson, Dean 3AM Racing
Oval Track Dirt Late Model


2002 Feature winner at Eldora

The motor is stock 360 Mopar performance short block. Cast crank, rods and pistons. The only change to the short block was internal balance. We are using your HEV5056AS camshaft package with #5010 Lifters, #1500S-16 aluminum, roller rocker kit, #1600 rocker shafts, #7062 Rocker Shaft Hold downsand #5679 Pushrods. The timing set is your #6432 Pro Gear and the heads are your StageII Edelbrock Ported Heads #4600-S2. We did run all these components on another short block that had a set of Aries pistons, but it came apart due to machinist mistake. We are planning on putting together a 408ci with one of your kits if we can come up with the money. We were very close even with this mild combination but need about 100 more horses to put us up front more easily.

The car itself is a 2001 Dodge Intrepid on a 1997 Rocket leaf chassis. Bert transmission and Wilwood quickchange rearend. 180 degree Shoenfield headers and Advance Product Design 750 Holley Carb.

"I'm well pleased with the products you provide and the customer service is great too."

Dean Anderson
3 AM Racing

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